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The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health is governed by the PMNCH Board and its two accompanying committees — the Finance Committee and the Executive Committee. The Board Members represent their constituencies, made up of the full membership of the Partnership, as well as a balance between the Maternal, Newborn and Child Health interest and geographical areas. The Partnership Board has a Chair and two co-Chairs.


During 2009-2011, The Partnership work plan centers on six priority actions where its membership can add value through collaboration and consensus building. Each priority action is led by a Lead Partner accountable to the Partnership Board and supported and facilitated by the PMNCH Secretariat. Each action has a series of milestones – reflecting specific activities, as shown below – which themselves lead to a range of outputs that is expected to deliver a single outcome.

This brochure describes the objectives of The Partnership, the challenges to be tackled and the priority actions set up to reach the objectives: ImprovingMNCH.pdf



Healthy Newborn Network


The Healthy Newborn Network (HNN) is a partnership of organizations and individual members committed to improving newborn health around the world. HNN was launched in 2010 as an initiative of Save the Children’s Saving Newborn Lives (SNL) Program.


Save a Life, Make it Last


Go-MCH: Our mission is to improve the survival and well being of infants, women, and children in impoverished communities using evidence-based research and proven community interventions advised by our scientific advisory members in the field. Our programs aim to be high impact and sustainable for long term solutions that can save a life, and make it last.

What We Do:

Go-MCH focuses on Capacity Building, Reducing Duplication, Sustainability, and Scientific evidence-based programs imbedded in monitoring and evaluation with baseline data, and results have illustrated marked survival improvements. This ensures our programs can provide the highest impact, work efficiently, and ensure the most effective levels of intervention to support women and children who need it most.

We use experts from the field through our network of contacts and our Scientific Advisory Board to identify and develop culturally sensitive programs customized to the locality in which the program serves.

The Board of Directors is comprised of specialists with unique backgrounds and educations, who provide essential perspectives on maternal and child health, community building, family-related social issues, and barriers to accessing healthcare and are committed to improving maternal and child health within the United States and internationally.

Intervention programs are being developed to improve access in the following areas:

✤  Health Care
✤  Newborn Survival
✤  Maternal Survival
✤  Nutrition
✤  Education

Go-MCH works to combat barriers of culture, religion, and oppression in nations where these issues affect women and children’s ability to access needed services.

Though our mission is not politically oriented, our goal is to improve a family’s health and well being, add to collaborative projects and advocate to those who need a voice. Our work involves communication, scientific inquiry, research, and education.

Go-MCH strives to reduce duplication of programs and instead prioritize partnerships to and expand capacity and impact to existing services. We do this through collaboration and communication with volunteers from our Scientific Advisory Board as well as a variety of resources based on research.

We also are working to link existing community resources together to help the people who need it most. Often times, small NGOs and community organizations do not have the time to pull resources from other areas. Through this, we hope to help donation and grant dollars go further and improve the services from which women, infants, and children can benefit long term.



Nigeria NICU Project


Go-MCH is working on Capacity Building in Maternity Hospitals and
Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) in Lagos, Nigeria.


A woman will probably never be closer to death than at the time she is giving birth.

Go-MCH’s Maternal and Newborn survival program is working to ensure that both mother and child survive through the childbirth process, and beyond so both mother and child can live healthy, successful lives.

Maternal and Newborn survival is a complex, multi-pronged issue involving a variety of health and human resource systems, as well as the social, cultural, and political issues within the nation that the woman and child resides. This is further complicated by the issues that affects a woman’s health status and fetus through the pregnancy.

We are working to help improve community use and trust of healthcare and expand system capacity. Funds will facilitate partnership development and work on issues such as consumables, infrastructure, and human resources.

Individual donations will provide neonatal care to infants to support their survival and maternity care to the mother. We are developing a pilot program in Nigeria, with partners and Scientific Advisory Members in the field. Development of this program is a collaboration between our Scientific Advisory Board, Board of directors, and partners in the field.

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