Save a Life, Make it Last

Save a Life, Make it Last


Our administrative support is provided 100% by volunteers to ensure that every dollar goes strait to the program being implemented, and the women and children who need it most. Dedicated scientists and doctors collaborate as part of the board of directors and scientific advisory board, donate their time, energy, and resources. Through a network of shared online resources and collaboration tools, we stay connected from all ends of the world; and many of the online tools we use are very low cost or completely free. Our cost-conscious administrative decisions are what enable us to maintain extremely low overhead and keep all donations going directly to the women and children who need it most.


Why is Go-MCH Different from other non-profits?

There are hundreds of non-profit organizations that aim to help communities, their nation, or internationally in some way. Some organizations may focus on particular diseases, populations, or regions. Go-MCH is different because of its commitment to low overhead costs, it is using the latest research combined with expert medical public health guidance, prioritizes cultural and ethnic variances at the community and family level, and works to publish its own successes through scientifically accepted channels to ensure peer-review takes place at all stages of the design and implementation process. We constantly look for unique solutions that can be exported, modeled, and/or can expand its capacity for more impact.

Planning a program is never started without considering what will be needed for sustainability. Solutions that can last long term are always a top priority. Our goal is not to stay in-country forever and for the population to be dependent on our funding in order to survive and thrive.

Our aim is to:

  • Improve accessibility, sustainability, and provide long term solutions that can work in the particular community and culture.
  • Fiscal responsibility is as equally important to the long term success of any program as the staff, program structure, and outcomes.
  • The impetus for staff to contribute comes from within, and is built through trust in the organization.
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt quickly is essential for growth and staying ahead of potential pitfalls.

Through a dedicated board of directors, creative solutions are developed through  combined multidisciplinary skill sets. Creative solutions are at the heart of the organization’s strength.

Go-MCH is a young organization and therefore also very flexible and able to adapt very quickly to changing situations, including the needs of the program and communities they serve and work towards organizational sustainable business management as well as programs that can provide long-term change.


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