Save a Life, Make it Last

Save a Life, Make it Last

Partnerships and Affiliations





Go-MCH is excited to establish important partnerships with organizations who share our goals of improving the survival of women and children in impoverished communities, and recognizes that though these organizations share a similar mission, each has its own unique strength. Many of these partnerships are new and we are exploring possibilities.

   Every Mother Counts (EMC): An organization spearheaded by Christy Turlington-Burns after completing her first documentary film “No Woman No Cry. EMC’s mission is to raise awareness of maternal survival and health issues and is working on promoting awareness of maternal mortality. Go-MCH partnered with EMC for their Mother’s Day 2011 debut of No Woman No Cry, on the OWN Network and have since then participated in EMC’s awareness campaigns.


   White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood: The White Ribbon Alliance is an international coalition of which pushes for      change to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for women and newborns around  the world. In some cultures, white symbolizes mourning and in others it    symbolizes hope and life. As such, the white ribbon is dedicated to the memory  of  all women who have died needlessly in pregnancy and childbirth. WRA has      mobilized the mass support of major policy initiatives, such as the Maternal Mortality Act, currently going through the U.S. Congress.


World Health Organization’s Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH):  During 2009-2011, The Partnership work plan centers on six priority actions where its membership can add value through collaboration and consensus building. Each priority action is led by a Lead Partner accountable to the Partnership Board and supported and facilitated by the PMNCH Secretariat. Each action has a series of milestones – reflecting specific activities, as shown below – which themselves lead to a range of outputs that is expected to deliver a single outcome. The ‘Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health’ sets out how we can work together to save women and children. The Global Strategy was launched at the time of the UN Leaders’ Summit for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2010, with some US $ 40 billion pledged towards women’s and children’s health and the achievement of MDGs 4 & 5 – to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health.


Healthy Newborn Network, Save the Children: The commitment to address this  health crisis is making a difference, and in an effort to continue this momentum, partner  organizations working for newborn health have come together to form the Healthy  Newborn Network (HNN). Established in April 2010, this online community of newborn  health advocates and professionals aims to address critical gaps in newborn health. HNN  connects advocates around the world and provides a platform for discussions and  interactions on a vast range of newborn and maternal health topics. In addition, the HNN  boasts a vast library of newborn health resources, featuring the latest in newborn health  research, news, resources, events, articles, success stories and more from HNN Partners  around the world.




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