Save a Life, Make it Last

Save a Life, Make it Last

Guatemala Children’s Nutrition Program



Guatemala, located between Mexico to the north and El Salvador and Honduras to the south, is wedged within one of the most vicious drug trafficking trade routes the Americas have ever seen. Violence and corruption have rendered this nation almost into a war zone, where individuals in the city carry large weapons just to walk through the street, guard their businesses with armored vehicles, and vandalize their own cars so they do not draw attention to themselves. There is a strong presence of extreme wealth and poverty throughout the cities and country side, which also exacerbates the nation’s vulnerability to drug trafficking involvement.

Almost 50% of children under five go hungry and face long term health implications such as stunting and wasting due to malnourishment. Mothers are unable to access or develop skills, children attend school but there are very little sources of foods. Farm land is being leased to China and Japan; resources are exported and the nation’s own people do not see any benefit.

Go-MCH is developing a nutrition program that will assist families in accessing nutritious foods long term in sustainable ways. Click here for our most recent blog article. Additionally, the HuffingtonPost recently published an article on Guatemala’s violence, poverty, and ongoing drug trade laced in political corruption.
If you would like to volunteer your time or inquire about partnership opportunities in Guatemala, please email: You can also make a tax-deductible donation, we would greatly appreciate extra funds to help buy supplies and educational materials for families, as well as to cover expenses to facilitate communications and outreach.




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